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{March 7, 2011}   Turn Back Around

~Turn Back Around~


Sad eyes looking up at us

How can we ignore them?

Walking away like they don’t mean a thing

Like the ones who already hurt them

They are crying out for someone to notice them

Love them

Take care of them

Lonely children of the world

Being walked away from

Isn’t it about time we


~Turn Back Around~


The child who had to runaway just to get away

From the beatings

The nightly visits from a stranger in their bed

The drunken rages

The Terror they were raised in

A parent who molests them

Innocence taken

Yet we don’t even hear them

As they cry out for help

It is time to

~Turn Back Around~


Give them a chance

Listen to what they have to say

A home to call their own

Safe from the abuse

Safe from the terror

A home filled with love

A place to grow

In comfort rather than fear

Off of the streets

Away from the danger

That is what they are wanting

All we have to do is


~Turn Back Around~


Quit ignoring those

Sad eyes looking up at us

Do what is right and


~Turn Back Around~


By: Jean Shular


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