Jean's space

{May 21, 2010}   I Am Me

 I Am Me
Old fashioned values
I love to joke around and have fun
Kind to everyone
Country gal to the bone
I am proud  but not vain
I Am Me
Playful and fun
I love the Lord
My family and my friends
Honest and Gentle
I don’t believe fighting will get me very far
However I won’t back down
When it comes to standing firm
In what I believe in
I Am Me
I love to learn
I love to explore
I love people in general
Making new friends is exciting to me
Just like trying new things
Lifes a big adventure
I never know where it will lead me
I love it with all it’s mystery
I Am Me
My heart is big with room to grow
My love is
Always unconditional
But if you break my heart
There’s a good chance you won’t win it again
For fool me once shame on you
Fool me twice and it will be
Shame on Me
Honesty is not just a virtue to me
It is a policy
I hold my self true to
I Am Me
And that is who I am Proud to be
By: Jean Shular


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