Jean's space

{February 20, 2010}   Fly Free

Fly Free


In this land of Liberty

Where freedom is ours

A land where other people from other countries

Want to be

We raise our flags each day

To celebrate freedom

As they


Fly Free


Let us honor our loved ones

Serving our country

As well as ones who already have

The ones who never made it home

The ones who have passed

The ones who live today

In this land of liberty let them


Fly Free

A star for each state

Backed by blue

Red and white stripes help make it great

A beautiful banner

To remind us we are free

So in this land of liberty

Let them


Fly Free


A gift we all share

Even with our troops abroad

Let us always remember

The ones with the courage

The Strength

The honor

The real super heroes who

Already served as well as

The ones who serve today

In our hearts, we stand proud

As we salute our heroes

As we let our banner our flag

Fly Free


Here is to our troops present and past

We are so proud

As we stand behind you

Beside you

Respect you

Most of all

Love and honor you

With American Pride

In our land of liberty

We let them


Fly Free


By: Jean Shular






{February 14, 2010}   Love So True

Love So True


When we first met

I had no clue

That you were the one

Who would be



Love So True


I never met anyone

Quite like you

Someone who can make me laugh

Even when I feel like crying

Someone who can give me strength

When I am week

Some one makes me feel beautiful

No matter what I am wearing

Or how messy my hair


Love So True


I see the way you look at me

I see my love for you

Shining in your eyes

I see that same love

Coming back to me

Together we belong

That is so very evident

So to you I give my


Love So True


By: Jean Shular


For Jeff my one and only true love

Forever, For Always, For Eternity

Our love will grow




et cetera